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Changing a gadget's nighttime screen hue makes no difference to sleep

A warm Apple iPad can be as guilty as a cold one at disrupting an important nighttime hormone, study shows. It’s the brightness that really counts.  In a small study bucking the theory that bedtime exposure to blue wavelengths in particular can disturb sleep, a well-known academic group has implicated the entire spectrum of light emitted by Apple iPads, and declared that Apple’s “Night Shift” lighting feature can be ineffective.

California Energy Commission Accepts California Energy Alliance Code Change Proposal

The California Energy Alliance (CEA), a member-based organization committed to smart, sustainable energy use within the built environment, is pleased to announce that its code change proposal dedicated to improving the lighting control requirements for lighting alterations was accepted by the California Energy Commission (CEC) in its recently published Draft Express Terms. This publication, released on January 19, 2018, commences the formal rule-making process for the 2019 updates to California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24; Standards; Energy Code).

Lighting set to ‘cut aggression’ in psychiatric hospital

CUSTOMISED lighting has been installed in a Danish psychiatric hospital in a bid to cut aggressive behaviour and conflicts between patients and staff. The sophisticated dynamic circadian lighting system is now operational at the Esbjerg Psychiatric Hospital, 200 kilometres west of Copenhagen.

Solid-state lighting can hit a higher note in 2018

Solid-state lighting is an industry in transition. If you’ve read enough of our content and attended any of the LED & Lighting Network conferences and events over the past couple of years, you know that we have compiled plenty of evidence that, although LEDs were already considered a disruptive technology at the outset, the disruption didn’t end once their performance and ability to be applied in different ways evolved.

Global Smart Urban Lighting Study Launched

The study will examine how municipalities worldwide understand intelligent lighting and implement development strategies and governance policies.