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6 Winning Lessons From an Acre of Ceiling Magic

This award-winning project reimagines the beauty of beams and geometry.

Fumbling in the Dark Becomes a Thing of the Past with Motion Sensor Technology

To meet the ever-changing needs of the customer while reducing carbon emissions and making our homes safer and more convenient, Cooper Lighting Solutions has expanded its smart residential lighting system, HALO Home to include a wireless motion sensor.

Limitless application opportunities with pendant, cable, power cord, wall and TwistLock™ surface mounts

Form meets function with our all-new line of architectural cylinders! Designed from the ground up, this collection features infinite high-performance design combinations.

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Lumetta Announces its New STARK S2 Luminaire

Similar to the original STARK fixture, our STARK S2 offers a clean, simple look with a shallow profile and can be used in a modest, utilitarian environment or played against a formal setting for a shot of drama and surprise. The STARK S2 luminaire will be the focal point of any room—with its classic silhouette adding effortless lighting distribution and a touch of sophistication to your space.

ArchLIGHT Summit

ArchLIGHT Summit is a new two-day commercial and architectural lighting event dedicated to delivering a dynamic, interactive, inclusive and collaborative experience for lighting designers and specifiers, interior designers, architects and other practicing and aspiring lighting professionals.

Created and hosted by Dallas Market Center, ArchLIGHT Summit will showcase new products from hundreds of leading commercial brands reflecting the latest lighting trends and technologies, combined with a full slate of accredited educational and hands-on experiential sessions facilitated by the sharpest minds in design and lighting.

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