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Outdoor Mesh Network Delivers Smart Strategy for Pathway Lighting

Claude Zhu shows how controls support safety and efficiency goals in a mesh-network case study of outdoor area lighting for pedestrian and non-automotive travel.

Fail-Safe: APR and APN, New ArcMed branded lighting fixtures

The APR, ArcMed Patient Recessed, and APN, ArcMed Patient Narrow, are both specifically designed for use in healthcare facilities where exam and ambient illumination is required.

Saskatchewan Resort Uses SSL to Define Spaces and Soften Auditory Environment

Eureka Lighting has released details of a solid-state lighting (SSL) project in a resort built by the Whitecap Dakota First Nation tribal band near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The Critical Role of Lighting In a Health Care Facility

Health care lighting exemplifies the intersection of form and function. In addition to remaining symbiotic with the overall design, a health care lighting scheme should provide multiple precise distribution options to deliver layers of light, promote glare-free circadian entrainment, and enable easy maintenance while withstanding harsh cleaning protocols.

Orbit Brands Presses All the Right Buttons in iManage’s New Office

iManage provides intelligent, cloud-enabled, secure database platforms to more than 2,000 law firms and 500 corporate legal departments. iManage’s new office design speaks to both the high-tech company character and the traditional law firm client base.