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Pathway Lighting MultiCare

These recessed downlighting products are designed specifically for healthcare applications.

FEM by Lithonia Lighting - Simple, Specifiable, Secure!

The FEM™ by Lithonia Lighting® was specially designed for wet, damp, and cold storage locations. With upgraded features like captive latches, sturdy fiberglass housing, a tongue and groove sealed design for optimal ingress protection, and a poured in place, polyurethane gasket, not to mention numerous new lens and mounting options, this already heavy lifting vapor-tight is every bit the robust solution for the most rugged industrial environments. 

Lumetta Announces Community Outreach Partnership with Habitat for Humanity

Lumetta is honored to announce a new community outreach partnership with Habitat for Humanity that focuses on affordability for Habitat homeowners.

Evolve Streetlights Brighten Up the City of Toledo

When the City of Toledo, Ohio, was looking to enhance the safety of its streets, it turned to LEDs to light the way. Toledo was ready to upgrade its lighting infrastructure, but it needed a solution that would positively impact all corners of the city—from energy efficiency and maintenance costs to citizen safety and crime reduction.

Dynamic Lighting Provides Architects and Designers Future Adaptability

Architects and designers are opting for open ceilings that permit design creativity, flexibility, and the perception of a larger space.