LEX News

Product Introduction: WaveLinx & Trellix version 8.0

WaveLinx Wireless Connected Lighting keeps getting better with WaveLinx & Trellix version 8.0!

Visa Lighting: Celest Large Venue Pendants with Acoustic Panels

The Celest pendants with acoustic panels, provide modern lighting options for large high-traffic architectural spaces.

Featured Sales Tool: CSI Boilerplate Specification Repository

A new sales tool, CSI Boilerplate Specification Repository, has been developed to support the growth of these specification luminaires.

Kurtzon Expands on Lighting Requirements in Food Prep and Processing Areas

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) lists processingdistribution, and preparation as three of the four steps in the food production chain where contamination can occur. In each of these three phases, light fixtures in the facilities are subject to food processing lighting requirements. 

Bolt Gets an Upgrade

Snap’s sleeker, more sophisticated sibling, now vastly improved as BoltPro.