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Slash, Fa├žade Lighting Made Simple

Slash by Unonovesette is a wall washing and wall grazing linear luminaire with a choice of beam spreads, color temperature options, and technical features to solve the most demanding exterior applications.

What is an architectural smart dimmer?

All light dimmers, ranging from a simple residential wall switch to an advanced architectural dimmer, control the brightness of the light source by reducing the power the fixture receives. The dimmer cuts part of the AC voltage allowing a limited and variable amount of the waveform to reach the lamp.

Smart lighting can aid aging in place

By 2050, the number of older adults aged 50 and older is expected to double, comprising 20% of the total US population. The overwhelming majority want to age in place, but experts say the current housing stock is ill-equipped to handle those desires.

RGBW Technology

An increasingly popular LED technology is RGBW due to its vibrancy and colorful output. It’s an ideal solution for a variety of applications looking to increase design opportunities while maintaining optimal light quality.

Beautiful fixtures that preserve the night sky

Long winter nights are perfect for star-gazing. Dark sky lighting restricts upward light to protect our view of the night sky.