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It's the Chicken or the Egg at the 2nd Annual Global LiFi Congress

Four takeaways from the conference that took a more holistic (business and science) perspective on this wireless technology.

Does Circadian Lighting Work?

Lighting manufacturers are offering systems allegedly attuned with our circadian rhythm. Three experts discuss whether these products have an impact.

Experts debate key issues that lighting professionals face relative to LEDs and SSL

Check out the highlights from the Strategies in Light panel as they talked about connected lighting, color tuning, metrics and controls.


Sagewood Senior Living: Designed to Connect with the Community

For this resort-style senior living place near Scottsdale, AZ, nestled within the landscape of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, Spellman Brady & Company wanted to create an oversized light fixture that felt true to the contemporary, southwestern style of the community.


States Enact Their Own Lighting Standards

Several states are responding to the Trump Administration’s proposed revision to general-service lamp energy standards by enacting their own.