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Faux Perforated Metal

Make your design unique by adding the look of illuminated perforated metal panels to your FABRILum luminaires using images printed right on the diffuser fabric. Combine exceptional quality illumination, true acoustic performance, and visual interest in one simple luminaire solution.

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LED signage modules & more signage solutions

Acolyte offers premium 12V and 24V signage modules through AgiLight, the signage lighting division of GENLED Brands. We also create custom LED neon and backlighting solutions!

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Price Reduced on C1D1 Explosion Proof

Our top-rated C1D1 Explosion Proof Collection is now more budget-friendly! Ensure safety and efficiency in hazardous environments without compromising quality. Get the best in safety and performance for less!

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PFX-3102 Cylinder Sconce

The Cylinder Sconce is a cylindrical wall fixture with a fabricated aluminum body and tempered glass lens. Engineered and Constructed for Exterior Environments. The Cylinder Sconce is Surface Mounted over an Existing 4” Outlet Box or Surface Wired through a 1/2” Conduit Entry.

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REV Downlight Series

Designed for elevated spaces, these downlights are meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled performance, delivering up to 25,000 lumens with color changing options.

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In-House Custom Injection Molding Now Available

Nova Flex’s in-house injection molding process isn’t just a game-changer; it’s setting new benchmarks for neon lighting excellence across four neon products: Micro Neon, Mini Neon 2.0, Dim to Warn Neon, and Round Neon.

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LCAT-S is an aesthetically appealing, value driven center lens troffer with an extremely shallow depth perfect for ceilings with tight plenum spaces.

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EXO Lightscaper® Floodlight

Wide beam linear Lightscaper LSP-LSCS floodlight is excellent for signs, façade, landscape accent or medium area illumination. The low profile linear size allows the flood to be easily hidden or blend into the landscape environment.

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A cutting-edge trimless system offering seamless integration and aesthetic consistency for complex projects. Its slim linear profiles create continuous lines of light, accentuating room geometry with minimalist elegance.

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Zero Round Acoustic

Designed to complement the Zero Shapes family, this sound-absorbing panel reduces up to 70% of reverberated sound, offering both functionality and aesthetics in five sleek color finishes.

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AID ArcMED InDepth, Recessed

FailSafe ArcMed Sealed InDepth allows for the use of the stylish InDepth luminaire in complex environments.

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GRLED Selectable

The GRLED Selectable is a versatile lighting solution that offers selectable lumen and CCT (correlated color temperature) options.

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6" Cylinder LER6D/LESQ6D Precision High Center Beam Round and Square Downlight

Designed to compliment any space, the 6" LED round and square downlight cylinders can be wall, ceiling, pendant-mount or hung by aircraft cable.

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XAL USA is becoming BASO Lighting. We stand for European design, manufactured in the United States. As a 100% Independent woman-owned business, we are fully committed to the North American market.

Explore BASO

XAL USA is becoming BASO

XAL USA is becoming BASO Lighting. We stand for European design, manufactured in the United States. As a 100% Independent woman-owned business, we are fully committed to the North American market.

Explore BASO

CoviO Graze Architectural Wall Graze and Wall Wash fixture

Architectural linear accent for indoor/outdoor wall grazing and wall washing.

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Guide Bollard

Guide is an illuminated bollard for pedestrian wayfinding. Its striking form consists of three cast aluminum panels of different heights surrounding a large optical element that houses LEDs arranged in vertical arrays.

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1050 Up & Accent Series

Double the Lumens, Not the Size! — Powerful, Compact Illumination for Large Properties!

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235 Series 3DP Pendant

PrentaLux or Printed Light, the 3D printed lighting brand for Cooper Lighting Solutions is not only at the forefront of innovation for lighting technology, but now a part of the circular economy (Reduce. Reuse. Recycle).

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Series Expansion of Popular 4" Downlights

Market Specific, Modular Design with Technology Options for Specialized Applications

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RA Collection

Inspired by RA, the Sun God in Egyptian Mythology, these LED lights not only infuse a touch of ancient mystique into your space but also provide practical benefits such as a reduction in reverberation times, creating a more comfortable and acoustically pleasing environment.

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Vandal and Weather Shield

The vandal/weather shield is made of durable, high-impact, UV-resistant clear polycarbonate material.

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USSL Petite Discrete Wall

The USSL Petite Discrete LED wall mount luminaire combines optical performance, energy efficiency and long-term reliability in an advanced, low-profile full cutoff design.

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HC4R LED 4" Retrofit Downlight Series

Recessed 4-inch nominal aperture retrofit LED downlight for installation in existing open frame commercial downlights.

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H2920ICT Series

Step light recessed housing with a white louver trim.

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The Declare-listed Vapor Echo Acoustic pendant turns open spaces into productive work zones. With its large surface area, the powerful acoustic pendant effectively absorbs sound waves to create a more peaceful and focused space.

Discover Vapor Echo

CATIRPEL - Shape Shifter.

CATIRPEL is a flexible modular outdoor system designed for landscape and architectural applications that require great installation flexibility and accurate light control.

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AT270 Altur™ Wall Mount Sconce

The grazing effect on the bold, sculpted faces adds impact, while glare reducing SoftVue™ optics create a soft, pedestrian friendly illumination and uniform light distribution.

Altur Sconce

Hume Pole

Light up the way with B-K. Our Hume Poles provide an ideal illumination in any outdoor path.

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The Atlite mini is a UL924 and NYC code compliant LED emergency light available with two or three 80 lumen heads.

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Now accepting pre-orders for the smallest, most powerful, and most versatile lighting tool!

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OSC-DT Dual Tech Ceiling Occupancy Sensor

The OSC Dual Tech Occupancy Ceiling Sensors (OSC-DT-1000 and OSC-DT-2000) are 15-28VDC powered motion and daylight sensors.

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FDW Digital Wallstation

The Digital Wallstation offers the specification grade range of wallstations.

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LC32 - LED

With an advanced system of low powered LEDs, the LC32 delivers smooth, diffuse and consistent light to architectural features and surfaces.

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IVO™ Shallow Recessed Downlight

The next generation of downlighting starts with the shallowest recessed downlight that fits in any space as shallow as 2-inches, while pushing the boundaries that goes beyond fitting into tight ceiling spaces.

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AIR Architectural Indoor LED Emergency Light

Introducing our latest versatile emergency lighting solution. Featuring field-adjustable lamp heads that can be adjusted up to 20º and rotated 90º away from the wall for optimal positioning. Standard self-diagnostics and advanced features ensure optimal performance.

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Lighting plays an important role in healthcare, improving both the patient experience and the staff's ability to provide care.

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Coolest Thing Made in Michigan 2023

INFRALED PRO is Kirlin’s revolutionary recessed, remote-aimable exam lighting system. Voted as 2023's Coolest Thing Made in Michigan, INFRALED PRO is designed for ultimate infection control in critical environments.

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MRZ-1 Multi-Head Recessed Integral LED

A wide breadth of options and features place the MRZ family in a class of its own—at an economical vantage point.

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GWS Galleon Wall Slim

The GWS Galleon Wall Slim features a thin profile available in three housing sizes, offering an impressive range of lumen outputs and optical distributions.

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Rio 1235-SQ

Rio architectural step lights provide beauty, performance and durability.

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Continua SQ4 Recessed

The Corelite Continua SQ4 Recessed features a minimalistic square profile and seamless illumination along the entire row length.

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DURATAPE RGBW was utilized to backlight the large windows on the casino's second floor and enables the casino to change the window accent colors based on the season or special events.

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View the elegant Monopoint collection

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Outdoor Luminaires

OCL's portfolio features a number of outdoor decorative solutions perfect for any project.

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Farallon 340-6 LED 6-Inch

The 340 series is designed for high performance downlighting with 7 decorative glass trim options, three dimming options, and D2W (Dim-to- Warm).

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Cirque Linear

NeoRay Cirque's signature circular design and direct-indirect light distribution make it a desirable option for organizations looking for lighting that's as comfortable as it is attractive.

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TC T Cable

Feeds power to wall mounted or ceiling mounted fixtures and convenience outlets while feeding circuits downstream to another electrical component.

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Prevail Petite Wall

The Prevail Petite LED wall mount luminaire combines optical performance, energy efficiency and long-term reliability in an advanced, low-profile full cutoff design.

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PacLights FPNB series is a wattage and color selectable LED panel light designed to be used in various indoor applications. The panels are fully dimmable, and available with options of multiple sensors for further energy savings.

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This installation features the Wedge BSS745 as a vanity fixture.

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3" aperture specification grade lens wall wash. Suitable for use with 75W maximum PAR16, PAR20 and low voltage tungsten-halogen or LED MR16 lamps, use also with integral LED light engine and reflectors.

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Your Game, Your Vision. LumaVision has been designed with zero tilt optical performance capability, reducing offsite glare and trespass.

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GEO Plane Series

Introducing our latest enhancement to our Acoustic Series: GEO Plane! Meticulously conceptualized to seamlessly nestle within our diverse range of GEO shapes or shine independently as an unlit ceiling fixture, Plane epitomizes versatility and sophistication at its finest.

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Cylinder Avante UL

Made of aluminum, finished with electrostatic paint in color white or black, optical set with Sealed Chamber technology for a transmittance greater than 77%, volumetric light distribution.

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LightPlane+ (Perimeter)

LightPlane+ is ALW's newest linear family designed to bring sustainability within reach for all projects. Featuring a Declare Label & Red List Approved options (at no added cost), LP+ (Perimeter) offers 40 distinct model & optical combinations...

Discover LP+

New All-In-One Juno Canless Wafer Downlights

Our Wafers provide an all-in-one design featuring switchable white color temperature & adjustable lumen output technology giving distributors, contractors & homeowners the ultimate in flexibility by providing the equivalent of 15 fixtures in 1.

See the Options


Cooper brings ease of camera deployment to a whole new level.

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Lines Onwall

Minimalist and minuscule at 3” high and less than a finger-width wide, Lines Onwall is configurable with Lines Suspended into endless shapes and patterns with intersecting pivots and wall mounts with flexible adjustability from 60 degrees.

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CCP ClearCurve Pedestrian

Simple in Form. Rich in Features.

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Multi Form Six

Our Most Modular Recessed Multiple. Ever.

Explore MF6

Tangent Down

This beautiful Dallas project was created locally by Interprise Design with Tangent Down recess mounted with an external flange

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An extensive range of lighting control solutions to elevate your designs and provide the flexibility to tailor lighting to your exact specifications.

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BionicPro2 Linear

A complete family of 2˝ – 3˝ – 4˝ – 5˝ apertures, linear and recessed, all with a continuous seamless lens. Batwing, Two Wall Washes, Flat and Focal Glow, Perimeter Fill, Hard, Soft and Asymmetric Ceiling Washes for tailored indirect illumination.

Wall Washing


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