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Outline Column

Outline reimagines the common light column with refined aesthetics and elevated performance for urban environments. Outline column lights provide precise illumination and eliminate high angle glare, enhancing comfort, and visual experience.

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Control your LEDs to the pixel

The C4 Live lets you control our Pixel Products to the single LED -- even over great distances!

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New QuickShip Ceiling Fixtures!

Elevate your residential lighting projects with our QuickShip LED ceiling collection— now featuring four new modern fixtures! All included with a 10-year warranty

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Looking for a J8 compliant solution?

We have you covered. Outdoor | Indoor - view our J8 page for more offerings

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Bollard & Column

We’ve thought a lot about what makes an outdoor area memorable and unique, and we’ve thought a lot about our environment. Our outdoor luminaires are designed and built to enrich your experience wherever you may find yourself.

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Catenary Box

Sternberg’s Catenary Box easily integrates a wide selection of luminaires suspended from aircraft cable with a weather resistant, decorative cast aluminum enclosure.


Showcasing PWXL-ST

Die cast aluminum housing with clear glass diffuser with a powder coated finish in your choice of colors. Mounts to a 3” O.D. round base or ½” NPT threaded fitter. 120 volts with a 5-Year Warranty on LED Components. Proudly made in America.

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Signature Series Tunable White

This innovative offering allows for incredible control over color temperature without losing any fixture output, making it perfect for creating the ideal atmosphere in restaurants, venues, and other spaces throughout the day.

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MRI-Safe RGBW Downlights

New! Discover Kirlin's MRI-safe RGBW Downlights, an innovative product series designed to improve the MRI experience through mood-enhancing lighting.

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Striplight flexibility, LUX dynamics quality. The line is available in three different performance packages to suit the needs of any application from the simplest task light to the harshest high abuse linear.



▪ cULus listed for wet locations in ambient temperatures from -40°C to 40°C (-40°F to 104°F). ▪ IP65 rated for ingress protection. ▪ Lens is IK08 rated for impact.


Demi Surface Downlight

The Demi Surface Downlight offers versatile dimming options, four color temperatures, precise beam control with various configurations, and customizable finishes, all made sustainably in the USA with a five-year warranty.

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BRINK Pendant

Discover the perfect blend of timeless elegance and modern flair with our latest contemporary commercial lighting pendant collection.


WaveLinx CAT

WaveLinx CAT is your distributed wired lighting control system for single room and connected spaces that helps significantly reduce the building’s energy consumption.

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Faux Perforated Metal

Make your design unique by adding the look of illuminated perforated metal panels to your FABRILum luminaires using images printed right on the diffuser fabric. Combine exceptional quality illumination, true acoustic performance, and visual interest in one simple luminaire solution.

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Whiz 2.0 Bi-directional

Building upon the Whiz’s performance legacy, the Whiz 2.0 Bi-directional delivers the same powerful downlight output at an equivalent wattage and seamlessly integrates a 6,810-lumen 60W indirect uplight.

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LCAT-S is an aesthetically appealing, value driven center lens troffer with an extremely shallow depth perfect for ceilings with tight plenum spaces.

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EXO Lightscaper® Floodlight

Wide beam linear Lightscaper LSP-LSCS floodlight is excellent for signs, façade, landscape accent or medium area illumination. The low profile linear size allows the flood to be easily hidden or blend into the landscape environment.

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A suspended lighting solution blending compact downlight performance with sophisticated acoustic design, providing both high output lighting and sound absorption for an ideal environment whether working or playing.

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Zero Round Acoustic

Designed to complement the Zero Shapes family, this sound-absorbing panel reduces up to 70% of reverberated sound, offering both functionality and aesthetics in five sleek color finishes.

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AID ArcMED InDepth, Recessed

FailSafe ArcMed Sealed InDepth allows for the use of the stylish InDepth luminaire in complex environments.

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CBRK-S Selectable

Metalux CBRK-S selectable center basket retrofit kit is the ideal solution to upgrading your existing recessed fluorescent lighting.

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6" Cylinder LER6D/LESQ6D Precision High Center Beam Round and Square Downlight

Designed to compliment any space, the 6" LED round and square downlight cylinders can be wall, ceiling, pendant-mount or hung by aircraft cable.

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XAL USA is becoming BASO Lighting. We stand for European design, manufactured in the United States. As a 100% Independent woman-owned business, we are fully committed to the North American market.

Explore BASO

XAL USA is becoming BASO

XAL USA is becoming BASO Lighting. We stand for European design, manufactured in the United States. As a 100% Independent woman-owned business, we are fully committed to the North American market.

Explore BASO

CoviO Architectural LED Cove Light

Architectural cove lighting for indoor/outdoor applications

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Vista Bollards: Quadrant-Specific Distributions

The Vista LED bollards utilize quadrant-specific illumination and precision optics to achieve distributions with throws up to a 15-foot radius from the fixture with low BUG ratings.

Explore the 1470 Series

Decorative High Bay

Redefining sustainable performance lighting through innovation.

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Series Expansion of Popular 4" Downlights

Market Specific, Modular Design with Technology Options for Specialized Applications

Check out the Whole Series

RA Collection

Inspired by RA, the Sun God in Egyptian Mythology, these LED lights not only infuse a touch of ancient mystique into your space but also provide practical benefits such as a reduction in reverberation times, creating a more comfortable and acoustically pleasing environment.

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FBP Series

When AC power fails, the Sure-Lites FBP Emergency Battery Pack automatically switches to emergency mode.

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CST Celesteon

Celesteon LED high mast lighting combines high output and efficiency with easy installation and affordability.

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HC6 LED 6" Downlight Series

Downlighting versatility optimized for lumen efficiency and optical performance.

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HU30M Modular High Performance LED Under Cabinet

Customize your ambience and upgrade your experience with the new HU30M Modular High Performance Series.

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Introducing Illi Bon, the smaller sibling to our popular illi acoustic pendant. This mini pendant delivers exceptional sound absorption and direct lighting in a compact form, making it perfect for smaller spaces or unique clusters.

Discover illi Bon


The Atlite mini is a UL924 and NYC code compliant LED emergency light available with two or three 80 lumen heads.

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Now accepting pre-orders for the smallest, most powerful, and most versatile lighting tool!

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OSC-DT Dual Tech Ceiling Occupancy Sensor

The OSC Dual Tech Occupancy Ceiling Sensors (OSC-DT-1000 and OSC-DT-2000) are 15-28VDC powered motion and daylight sensors.

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Lighting Control Panel

Fifth Light’s Lighting Control Panel (LCP) is used to control and operate all lighting devices using Digital and Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) and low-voltage analog signals.

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ASYX 2 LED Asymmetric Flood - Wall Mount

Indirect, Asymmetric LED Lighting Fixture

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IVO™ Shallow Recessed Downlight

The next generation of downlighting starts with the shallowest recessed downlight that fits in any space as shallow as 2-inches, while pushing the boundaries that goes beyond fitting into tight ceiling spaces.

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E3MAX Modular Inverter System

Isolite inverters offer a reliable solution for emergency lighting when utility power is unavailable. These inverters charge battery banks using utility power and discharge them in an emergency, before switching back to the utility power when available. They also monitor the state of the utility power and ensure automated code compliance. Compared to other solutions, inverters are more cost-effective.

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Lighting plays an important role in healthcare, improving both the patient experience and the staff's ability to provide care.

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MRZ-1 Multi-Head Recessed Integral LED

A wide breadth of options and features place the MRZ family in a class of its own—at an economical vantage point.

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GWS Galleon Wall Slim

The GWS Galleon Wall Slim features a thin profile available in three housing sizes, offering an impressive range of lumen outputs and optical distributions.

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Lanterra 1002 LED, Accent and Flood

Lanterra 1002-A1 (one head) and 1002-A2 (2 head) is a small 2.5”, line voltage Accent Flood light with dimmable LED.

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Continua SQ4 Recessed

The Corelite Continua SQ4 Recessed features a minimalistic square profile and seamless illumination along the entire row length.

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Over 3,000 linear feet of DURATAPE HIVOLT ARCH IP65 27K was utilized to illuminate the triangle coves to provide a frame work for the custom pendants that represent tribal basket patterns and motifs.

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View the elegant Monopoint collection

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Outdoor Luminaires

OCL's portfolio features a number of outdoor decorative solutions perfect for any project.

View Our Products

Shaper Sense Circle

Shaper Sense Circle is part of the award-winning, industry leading integrated acoustic and lighting product line with wireless controls.

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Cirque Linear

NeoRay Cirque's signature circular design and direct-indirect light distribution make it a desirable option for organizations looking for lighting that's as comfortable as it is attractive.

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TC T Cable

Feeds power to wall mounted or ceiling mounted fixtures and convenience outlets while feeding circuits downstream to another electrical component.

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LVL20UG LED Vaportight

The Lumark LVL20UG LED Vaportight area luminaire provides a solution in applications where lighting fixture protection is required.

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PacLights FPNB series is a wattage and color selectable LED panel light designed to be used in various indoor applications. The panels are fully dimmable, and available with options of multiple sensors for further energy savings.

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This installation features the Wedge BSS745 as a vanity fixture.

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3" aperture specification grade lens wall wash. Suitable for use with 75W maximum PAR16, PAR20 and low voltage tungsten-halogen or LED MR16 lamps, use also with integral LED light engine and reflectors.

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Your Game, Your Vision. LumaVision has been designed with zero tilt optical performance capability, reducing offsite glare and trespass.

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Cooper brings ease of camera deployment to a whole new level.

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"Can you provide Tangent™ bent in elevation with RGBW?

RGBW LED's provide over 16 million color options, although we are told that the occupants of the space have settled on eight favorite colors for different times of the day. Design: CallisonRTKL - UC San. Diego

Let's create


An extensive range of lighting control solutions to elevate your designs and provide the flexibility to tailor lighting to your exact specifications.

View Our Controls

BionicPro2 Linear

A complete family of 2˝ – 3˝ – 4˝ – 5˝ apertures, linear and recessed, all with a continuous seamless lens. Batwing, Two Wall Washes, Flat and Focal Glow, Perimeter Fill, Hard, Soft and Asymmetric Ceiling Washes for tailored indirect illumination.

Wall Washing


Rails, a recessed luminaire that is designed for integration with architectural intention, is available in three sizes – 2×2, 1×4 and 2×4 - delivering over 40fc at less than 0.4 W/ft and workplane max/min under 1.5.

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