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Kwyet Sphere

OCL Architectural Lighting

Available with Standard White, Tunable White, BIOS, or RGBW light sources / Combination of TUBIE™ luminaire and sound absorbing 9MM acoustic fins / 21" diameter or 33" diameter spherical shape / Evenly illuminated architectural cylinder with cast aluminum end caps / Fully enclosed to minimize accumulation of dust and debris / High quality die-cast and extruded construction / Frosted white acrylic diffuser / Choice of performance COB downlight / Acoustic felt contains minimum 50% recycled post-consumer material / Custom sizes, shapes, clusters, and configurations possible / WELL™ Building: Contributes to meeting WELL™ Features L03, L04, L07 and S04 / This product meets the material restrictions of Article 4 of the RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU), including Commission Delegated Directive 2015/863

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Tangram Trace


Product Characteristics:DESIGN:Make a striking design statement with Tangram-Trace. Define space with strong geometric lines suspended at angles you choose. All seamlessly connected with straps flowing into the fixtures as one. The premium prismatic lens relates texturally to the strap material, providing luxuriously diffused light. Available in 2’, 4’ and 6’ lengths.LIGHT SOURCE:A single high rendering quality LED strip illuminates Tangram’s edge lit surface. Also available in tunable white.A diamond textured diffuser provides an intriguing perception of depth.INSTALLATION:Fixture is suspended by two high quality UV resistant straps housing an imperceptible flat power cable. Available in 5 eye-catching colors. Canopy and anchor distance can be specified to create a variety of strap angles. They can be positioned inside or outside as desired.FinishBGS|BLKS|OBS|PNS|SGSShade Finish:BLKE|WHEnLight® Air Enabled

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Portal Surface


Utilizing proprietary optics, Portal Surface defines a minimalist aesthetic and delivers exceptional comfort and control across multiple environments, with options and features to augment any design vision. Available in 5.5" and 9" diameter options. Profile Surface delivers fixed and adjustable dedicated integrated surface canopy mounts, allowing attachment to the structure regardless of architectural elements or constraints. When you choose Portal, you have everything you need for a comprehensive, integrated application. Portal Surface has a wide range of no-adder options including; 3 Lower hemisphere beam choices 25° | 45° | 65° | 3 Choices of standard powdercoat finishes: white, metallic silver, and black. (RAL color options are also available) | Trim + trimless | 4 CCT choices: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K | 2 CRI choices: 80CRI + 90CRI | 5 wattages | Efficacies exceeding 150 lumens per watt | All versions IC rated

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A8 Series | ZIGY Standard | A8-ZIGY-STN


Low Voltage, Static White Tape, Configurable


Products to Hit the Market

Specifiers & Agencies are busy designing some amazing projects this month with some of the following products.

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PFX - 5307


Paraflex’s PFX-5307 would greatly create possibilities in the whole commercial area which make light modular with multiple sizes, beam options , and high visual comfort COB LED as its standard configuration. It is now available in pendant and surface mount configurations which offers a beautiful and slender solution. Modular design COB LED chip: 80+ standard, 90+ optional Dimming: 0-10V(10% standard ,1% optional) or TRIAC Beam angle: 15°, 24°, 36°, 60° options Architectural form : 4", 6" and 8" Mounting: Surface or pendant Wattage Selectable

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Define Series: Wall Wash


The Define series by NeoRay is the ultimate in minimalist simplicity, providing clean, uniform lines of illumination in virtually any architectural environment. Besides delivering outstanding efficacy, it offers unmatched design flexibility with a variety of profile widths and mounting options available.

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SPHB LED Selectable Linear High Bay


The SPHB is a compact, dual lensed high bay with lumen and CCT select features. Sensor ready, the SPHB delivers 12,000, 18,000, and 24,000 lumens in one single housing, making inventory complexity a thing of the past. In addition, the SPHB also offers up to 36,000 lumens for those higher mounting applications. The dual lensing with superior optical control delivers optimal performance while reducing high angle glare.


A collective look at some of the top products that are currently trending in North America.

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Boca Lighting and Controls

The Boca Lighting and Controls InGrade is a rugged aluminum structure designed to protect various Boca Flasher products in underground applications. It is compatible with the HPNLS, Lumeline and many more Boca products in a variety of arrangements. It installs into pavement, and is contractor friendly.

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Relay RLY2

A Light

RLY2 is a direct/indirect pendant system with 90° and 120° angles, enabling designers to configure diverse geometric patterns with a seamlessly lit shape. Relay luminaires are designed for high ceilings such as offices, libraries, high-end retail or food markets, and upscale gyms and recreational facilities such as yoga studios. High-performance TIR optics provide controled and efficient light. The luminaire can be specified with direct or indirect illumination, or a combination of both. Relay’s direct lighting offers reduced glare continuous illumination throughout the fixture, including corners. Indirect lighting features a batwing distribution, to highlight ceiling elements. Additional flexibility is available with a tunable white option or dim to warm, with a range from 5000K to 2700K, which can be configured with nLight® wireless lighting control solutions. Acoustic panels may be added to the fixture in four standard and 26 premium colors to complement or accentuate an aesthetic, while absorbing ambient sound in a space. Polyester felt panels, manufactured with recycled plastic bottles (PET), are 100% recyclable.

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ASYX 2 LED Asymmetric Flood - Wall Mount


The ASYX 2.0 is a complete product family of high-performance asymmetric LED lighting solutions, covering a wide range of lumen outputs needed for architectural indoor and outdoor spaces. Thanks to proprietary AccuLED optics, it offers not only the highest output LEDs, but maximum control of beam spreads. Multiple distributions, mounting options and compact size add to the versatility, making it ideal for retrofit and new construction.

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LSW8 Meridian


The LSW8 Meridian offers excellent illumination of walkways and steps in a small, rugged design. The graceful appearance of the eyelid effectively shields against glare, while the small aperture allows excellent forward projection with even illumination side to side. Pair with our LSW8-PL & LSW8-FL to provide design continuity, uniform spacing and light levels in the absence of a structure.

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Very small form factor 10W, Class 2 Linear Emergency LED Driver with features to make installation simple, including ABConnect for automatic enabling and STSelect for the ability to turn on code compliant self-testing on and off as the application demands.

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RLM Series Fixtures

Bock Lighting

All RLM's made at Bock Lighting can meet the Buy America Standards!

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Peninsula, 71010LEDDCS-MIR

Access Lighting

LED Mirror

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Viper Area Size 2


The Viper is an extremely versatile area/site luminaire which blends design, performance, and technology for a variety of applications.

Recent Product Posts


Experience the allure of catenary lighting fixtures, with captivating design and impeccable craftsmanship, Our Customs team is happy to create a beautiful solution for whatever your lighting needs are.

IVO™ Shallow Recessed Downlight

The next generation of downlighting starts with the shallowest recessed downlight that fits in any space as shallow as 2-inches, while pushing the boundaries that goes beyond fitting into tight ceiling spaces.

AIR Architectural Indoor LED Emergency Light

Introducing our latest versatile emergency lighting solution. Featuring field-adjustable lamp heads that can be adjusted up to 20º and rotated 90º away from the wall for optimal positioning. Standard self-diagnostics and advanced features ensure optimal performance.


Lighting plays an important role in healthcare, improving both the patient experience and the staff's ability to provide care.

Coolest Thing Made in Michigan 2023

INFRALED PRO is Kirlin’s revolutionary recessed, remote-aimable exam lighting system. Voted as 2023's Coolest Thing Made in Michigan, INFRALED PRO is designed for ultimate infection control in critical environments.

MRZ-1 Multi-Head Recessed Integral LED

A wide breadth of options and features place the MRZ family in a class of its own—at an economical vantage point.


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