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A collective look at some of the top products that are currently trending in North America.

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Cooledge offers W+RGB options for its integrated luminous ceilings as well as for the backlighting applications. WRGB delivers superior color rendering across a vast range of white light CCTs with millions of colors from subtle pastels to bold primaries.

Custom fixtures from Acolyte

Easily build custom fixtures for industrial applications with Acolyte channel extrusions and our proprietary RibbonLyte. Choose from more than 25,000 variations!

Price Reduced on C1D1 Explosion Proof

Our top-rated C1D1 Explosion Proof Collection is now more budget-friendly! Ensure safety and efficiency in hazardous environments without compromising quality. Get the best in safety and performance for less!

PFX-3301 Flexible LED Post Top Luminaire

The ZPT is constructed with Die Cast Aluminum End-Caps and Individually sealed LED Modules to create a Heavy-Duty Housing. Extensive offering of Wattage, Optics and CCT options allow the ZPT to meet a wide-range of project requirements. The ZPT comes standard with a Pole Top Arm engineered to be installed on a 2.375” Diameter Pole

REV Downlight Series

Designed for elevated spaces, these downlights are meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled performance, delivering up to 25,000 lumens with color changing options.

In-House Custom Injection Molding Now Available

Nova Flex’s in-house injection molding process isn’t just a game-changer; it’s setting new benchmarks for neon lighting excellence across four neon products: Micro Neon, Mini Neon 2.0, Dim to Warn Neon, and Round Neon.


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