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LD+A eReport: Lightfair Preview

The 2019 trade show floor—highlighted by the forward-looking IoT and Intelligent Lighting Pavilions—will be the largest yet.

CIE Issues Statement on “Blue Light Hazard”

There have been a number of reports in the media about the risk to human health following exposure to light from sources such as light emitting diodes (LEDs), referring to the term “blue light hazard” (BLH). This term has been inaccurately used to represent the risk of actual eye damage and the influence on general well-being.

Lighting the Way - A beautiful example of accentuating hardscape

The lighting design for this project was expertly crafted by the team at Oculus Light Studio. What a fresh and modern take on a building with a variety of architectural elements and linear edges. Striking focal lighting features were accomplished with two of Targetti’s most popular products – KEPLERO InGrade and ZEDGE Step Light.

Caleb Harper’s TED talk

The Keynote Speaker for Lightfair 2019 discusses the exploration and development of high-performance urban agricultural systems. 


Architectural Lighting: 2019 Product Call Highlights

Selected from 171 submissions, these 21 products demonstrates advancements in LED performance and color control technology.