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Product Introduction: Lumark AP WPM Wall Pack

The Lumark AP WPM Wall Pack's traditional form provides high performance energy efficient illumination making it ideal for pathway illumination, building entrances, vehicle ramps, schools, tunnels, stairways, and loading docks.

Secrets to Remote Mounting Emergency Lighting Equipment

Knowing the remote mounting capabilities of different IOTA® emergency lighting solutions can solve certain product selection and application challenges, such as operating outdoor fixtures in the emergency mode, or fulfilling egress requirements in hazardous duty or harsh condition environments.

Human-Centric Hospital Lighting Design by Williams

Virginia Hospital Center’s 4th Floor patient unit is a 21-bed, medical and surgical unit, engineered and constructed with a human-centric lighting design. 

Introduction to Acoustic Luminaires

Similar to light rays, sound can be reflected, transmitted, and absorbed. Acoustic management therefore uses an “ABC” approach to reduce noise: absorb, block, or cover up.

Trellix Locate & ZulaFly RTLS Solution

Organizations are analyzing the result of the pandemic-enforced work-from-home experience to reimagine how work is done, the role of offices and the importance of safe workspaces.