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Product Introduction: WaveLinx Lite Indoor Portfolio Continues to Grow

The Tilemount Sensor Kit is an accessory to the WaveLinx Lite system to connect additional fixtures not equipped with an integrated sensor.

Strategic Daylighting in Schools: More Is Not Always Better

Though designers might view larger window areas as more desirable in classroom settings, the ability to control the incoming daylight also has a significant impact on user experience.

Introducing Invue ClearCurve Wall

Invue is excited to announce the newest solution for wall mount applications, the CCW ClearCurve Wall!

The Role of Lighting Technology in Driving Better Visual Appeal and Wellbeing

Available in six different geometric and organic designs, Metalux Perceive uses this technology to makes spaces visually appealing and interesting by adding the element of depth with variety and texture.

The Problem With Exceptional Buildings

To truly cut carbon, architects must design better systems, not singular structures.