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From the beginning our Profile (PRFL), Arc (ARCL) and Compass (COML) series were conceived as the same product in three different configurations; straight, curved and round respectively.  All consisting of extruded aluminum housings of the same dimensions, photometric profiles and electrical characteristics for symmetry in design and performance.  Architects, lighting designers and specifiers may now combine straight, curved and ring style fixtures throughout the space with the assurance of a cohesive matching system.

Navigating the Cybersecurity Standards

This article provides an overview of different cybersecurity standards, the reasoning behind our adoption of the IEC 62443 series of standard, and our approach to applying it.

Youth Basketball Never Looked So Good!

Centenary United Methodist installs premium energy efficient, visually comfortable LED lighting throughout its marquee gymnasium.

Kurtzon Expands On What Is Hazardous Location Lighting?

Hazardous location light fixtures are engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions in manufacturing and industrial facilities. These locations may include chemical plants, laboratories, oil and gas refineries, mining operations, and other industrial sites that contain extreme temperatures, combustible materials, and corrosive liquids or vapors.

Product Introduction: WaveLinx & Trellix version 8.0

WaveLinx Wireless Connected Lighting keeps getting better with WaveLinx & Trellix version 8.0!