LEX News

USP 797 & 800 Lighting

Many hospitals are now renovating their compounding pharmacies in order to meet the requirements of USP-800. These requirements create a safer space for handling dangerous and hazardous drugs. Kenall has lighting that meets these stringent requirements, and you can find more about them here.

Kurtzon's LED Cleanroom and Medical Downlight Now offered with narrow-spectrum Color LEDs

Trust KURTZON to provide medical and cleanroom LED lighting to improve medical research and patient outcomes. Our KL and ML series downlights are now available with narrow-spectrum color LEDs to support these critical endeavors.

Bartco Lighting Integrates BIOS SkyBlue - Technology in New Linear Product Line-Swell

Bartco Lighting and BIOS Lighting are partnering together to bring simple human-centric lighting solutions to commercial, hospitality and institutional spaces across the U.S. Bartco Lighting is proud to offer Swell  – a U.S made, new series of light fixtures that can help improve sleeping patterns, health and well-being.

Lumium is Moving

The Lumium product line has a beautiful new home alongside the rest of the Ecosense portfolio at Ecosenselighting.com. Finally, everything you need in one place. Don't forget to update your bookmarks too! Lumiumlighting.com shuts down soon.

The IES Presents - GUV Disinfection in the Days of COVID-19

The Illuminating Engineering Society releases new report on Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) and how it could reduce the spread of COVID-19.