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ArchLIGHT Summit Partners With Light Collective on Design DNA Project and Installation

Dallas Market Center’s September 21-22 ArchLIGHT Summit event has announced an exciting collaboration with Light Collective, a UK-based lighting consultancy with a global portfolio.

Introducing Light Glide

Linear Lighting to Keep Up with our Ever-Changing World

Welcome to 2021, where our office spaces have become more dynamic with location and increased use of hoteling and co-working areas. Our residences now play double-duty with living spaces requiring comfortable environments for both our domestic and work-from-home needs. A flexible and adaptable lighting system is vital to optimizing your current area for every possible need in home and work life. 

City of Sandy, Oregon Improves Light Quality, Sustainability and Savings with Conversion to Cree Lighting RSW Series Street Lights.

Cree Lighting announced the completion of an extensive project in the City of Sandy, Oregon, converting all of the city’s street lights from inefficient high-pressure sodium lamps to long-lasting, highly efficient LED lamps.

Quality 0-10V Track Lighting - Guaranteed

Go beyond the standard dimming for track lighting with the eldoLED® 48V DC 32W LED Track driver—with flicker-safe dimming down to dark (0.1%).

AI Meets LEDs for Innovations in Lighting Control

Artificial intelligence promises to infuse lighting control with automation to save money and reduce energy consumption and waste, while improving service quality and customer satisfaction, says PAUL GOLATA.