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Hubbell Lighting Introduces SpectraClean™ Visible Light Disinfection Technology for Commercial and Industrial Markets

Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced today it has commercially launched a series of visible light disinfection SpectraClean™ luminaires to the market.

Signify and Boston University validate effectiveness of Signify’s UV-C light sources on inactivating the virus that causes COVID-19

Cooper Lighting Solutions is leveraging more than 35 years in UV-C lighting expertise from its parent company, Signify, to address the growing global need for the disinfection of air, surfaces and objects. Its UV-C lighting is well-proven and trusted as an effective disinfectant. This was recently validated in laboratory testing - Signify's UV-C light sources inactivated 99% of SARS-CoV-2 virus on a surface with an exposure time of 6 seconds.*

Read the full press release here.

Studio Italia Design Becomes LODES

It is our pleasure to update you on some exciting news regarding Studio Italia Design. Starting today, the company has changed its name and identity to LODES.

Free IES Webinar - Show Me the Data: Does LED Lighting Influence Roadway Safety?

Data showing any safety effects in roadway lighting applications from substituting broad-spectrum LEDs for incumbent sodium or mercury vapor luminaires are limited. This presentation will provide an overview of a new PNNL study investigating whether converting to LED roadway lighting suggests any discernible influence on driving safety. PNNL is partnering with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute on this project that includes more than 60 municipalities in the Philadelphia region.

Webinar participants are eligible for one (1) IES Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

IES and IUVA Collaborate to Publish ANSI Standards for Measuring Ultraviolet C-Band (UV-C) Sources Used for Disinfection

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES, est. 1906) and the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA, est. 1999) have partnered to assemble experts in the measurement of ultraviolet C-band emissions (UV-C) to develop American National Standards for the measurement and characterization of UV-C device performance.