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Kurtzon Explores How Lighting Plays a Healing Role in Modern Behavioral Healthcare Facilities

Behavioral health facilities depend on lighting to provide a safe and secure environment while maintaining a residential atmosphere for the patient. Nearly gone are the unfortunate decades-old perceptions of behavioral health facilities as cold, prison-like institutions with concrete walls, bars on windows, and the ever-present buzzing of flickering fluorescent panel lights. Modern behavioral health facilities are warm and inviting, the anti-septic clinical feel replaced by a more human-centric atmosphere complete with architectural quality designs.

Product Introduction: SQ4 Continua Continues to Innovate

Cooper Lighting Solutions is excited to announce the release of additions to the Corelite Continua™ SQ4 family. The SQ4 will now have a full offering of Direct-Indirect, Direct, and Indirect configurations. We have also added louvered baffles, a linear wall mount and 2ft to the family offerings. The SQ4 product family is now available with VividTune for your tunable white applications as well. 
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All-New line of Architectural Cylinders from H.E. Williams

Form meets function with the all-new line of architectural cylinders from Williams. Create an elegant ambiance in every environment with direct or direct/indirect, and round or square styles.

Signify Explores how Lighting Lessons Differ for Tomatoes and Strawberries in a Cold Climate

A Canadian cold-climate tomato grower has opted for a combination of LED and less efficient high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting in the greenhouse in order to ensure enough heat — emitted by the HPS — although the farm's strawberry patch will be LED only.

Luminis Launches Scena Family of Exterior Luminaires

Luminis, an established innovator and manufacturer of specification grade, interior and exterior lighting solutions for commercial, institutional, retail, recreational, and urban environments, recently released its Scena family of exterior luminaires. The elegant surface mount fixtures and bollards are designed to withstand the rigors of urban exteriors and public spaces. Learn more here.