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Prudential Ltg. BoltPro Shapes + Acoustics

BoltPro is a highly efficient architectural wrap available in a variety of geometric shapes,
including Triangle, Square, Pentagon and Hexagon. If you’ve been toying with the idea of
creating your own unique configuration, you can design custom shapes with BoltPro Linear. All
shapes give you the option of having the light aiming Down or Out. Depending on the project,
you can also add Acoustic panels for sound absorption.

Gone (thankfully) are the days of drab drop ceilings, quads of cubicles and wall-to-wall carpet.
But while today’s open floor plans, exposed ceilings and hard-surface floors are far better
aesthetically speaking, they can be problematic for sound levels. Noise ricochets off all those
hard surfaces, elevating sound absorption as a key consideration. But the solution doesn’t have
to look utilitarian. BoltPro Acoustic fixtures provide effective noise reduction with a wide range
of color options, and an intentional approach to design. So you get maximum sound absorbing
functionality without sacrificing beauty.

Link to specs: https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/hyQ7UAL3tv

Web Series page: https://www.prulite.com/product-category/boltpro-series/

NEMA Publishes Controlled Emergency Lighting Technical Clarification Bulletin

This revised bulletin aims to provide clarity as to the technology and evaluations that are required for different emergency lighting system designs.

Find LED Lighting with Low Unified Glare Ratings

Looking for LED Lighting with Low Unified Glare Ratings? Get tools to calculate UGR in your lighting design, access FAQ and more! Choose lighting that minimizes undesirable effects of glare and provides improved visual comfort to the people in a space.

Zaneen, As Seen on TV

Zaneen products make their dazzling debut on the big screen.

Introducing Continua SQ4 Recessed from Corelite

The Corelite Continua SQ4 is now a complete family featuring suspended, surface, recessed, connextions, and wall mount options. The SQ4 features seamless illumination along the entire row length.