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Introducing Wavelinx CAT

Simple. Code-Compliant. Scalable. WaveLinx CAT is your distributed wired lighting control system for single room and connected spaces that helps significantly reduce the building’s energy consumption from a single room/space to a whole building using category CAT5 cable for applications that require occupancy-based, daylighting, or manual light control.

Drop In Next Week to Hang Ten with Extant, a 10 minute webinar series!

Join us for Hang Ten with Extant on Thursday, October 26! Drop into one of our 10-minute training sessions to gain additional information on Extant products and technology. 

The Psychology of Light: How Architectural Lighting Affects Our Mood and Behavior

As an essential aspect of architecture, lighting not only illuminates a space but also has a significant impact on our mood and behavior. Studying the psychology of light is intriguing, and comprehending how lighting affects us can help design spaces that promote well-being and productivity.

Rediscover INLINE

Inline’s light modules rotate 355° individually for controlled illumination and one-of-a-kind lighting flexibility. This unique feature allows for precise directional aiming of the light beam without disturbing the position of the luminaire.

Smart Landscape Lighting

Make Vista Pro’s Chroma Connect an essential element of your outdoor living spaces. With its innovative technology, this smart home landscape lighting system enables homeowners to easily control their lighting through their smartphones, making it convenient to adjust the lighting as needed.