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Revolution Lighting CEO Didn't Know about Accounting Problems

Value Lighting division blamed for poor performance. 

Introducing: Echo surface mount luminaires

The addition of the Echo surface mounts completes the popular Echo collection, a line of luminaires that play on light + geometry + pattern, to deliver impressive lighting in any space.

Nevada Takes a Stand on Lamp Efficiency Standards

In February, the Department of Energy announced a plan to rescind an expansion of efficiency standards for lamps that was scheduled to go into effect in 2020. Several states (Vermont, Washington and Colorado) are adopting the legislation anyway, and Nevada can now be added to the list.  

SoftLab Creates a 'Circular Constellation' on the NYC Waterfront

The New York studio's latest installation features 100 glowing poles along Manhattan's East River Waterfront.

The Industrial Lighting Market: Trends and Forecasts 2019-2024

Review key highlights from the ResearchAndMarket.com report, “The Industrial Lighting Market: Worldwide Growth, Trends and Forecasts Through 2019-2024".