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Coming Soon: PrentaLux 210 Series 3DP Pendant

We'll be adding new shape to the already wide range of 3D-printed luminaires customers can choose from. With lots of color and texture options, too, the 210 Series Pendant will offer endless possibilities for personalization. 

Unlock a World of Vibrant Possibilities: Extant Color Capabilities

Discover where brilliance meets color with Extant's Huntington Series in custom color finishes. Elevate the environment with stunning hues that reflect the mood and moment of your space.

Residential Team Talks: Dining Room Lighting

Lighting in the dining room isn’t just about functionality; it’s about setting the scene for memorable moments and creating an ambiance that reflects personal style. In this edition of Team Talks, we delve into the world of dining room illumination, exploring a plethora of lighting solutions offered by Zaneen.

Got Earth Day On Your Mind?

Energy efficiency, dynamic lighting, striking effects with lighting controls. Make a lasting impact on the environment and people in the space.

INTRODUCING! NOVATO Wood Grain Finishes by SPI Lighting

Check out these 6 Prominent Wood Grains/Colors now available on 20 NOVATO Ring & Drum Fixtures!