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Tec Studio Completes Exterior Lighting Renovation for the Greater Columbus Convention Center

A recent renovation of the exterior lighting by Ardra Zinkon, President, Tec Studio Inc., now casts the much-needed illumination along the façade of the GCCC and Arnold Plaza enabling tourists and residents of Columbus alike to enjoy the space, day and night.

Tunable LED lighting promises to reduce the incidence of myopia

Long hours of indoor study and the lack of exposure to daylight is causing a myopia epidemic in young people around the globe, writes STEPHEN MASON, but an SSL implementation with tunable SPD could slow the trend of nearsightedness.

Worry about the amount of light at night more than the blue wavelengths

For the second time in a year, the Lighting Research Center implicates light levels and duration as greater villains than blue frequencies in poor sleep.

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Publishes Lighting Survey Results

Read the key points as electrical contractors summarize 2018--what they sold, what they talked about, and the issues they had with lighting on a project.

Lighting Research Center to Develop New Plant Lighting Education Program

The course curriculum on lighting for plant growth and health will be created with support from the Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education.