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Now Available: Corelite Vaulta

Striking presence with a weightless feel

The Corelite Vaulta is an open-aperture luminaire with architectural vault aesthetics. It features seamless illumination with a single-piece roll lens, as well as Discreet glare reducing louvered baffle options in black or white. It also comes with the option of an indirect batwing optic for maximizing ceiling uniformity and on-center spacing. This fixture is great for education, office, and healthcare.

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All Blue Light is Not Created Equal, Exposure to the Right Blue is Critical for Optimizing Circadian Rhythms

A publication in PNAS from Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital has resolved one of the last remaining contradictions in circadian science – what color blue is responsible for the health effects?

Mark Architectural Lighting Introduces SLOT 6 Recessed with Care222® Technology

SLOT 6 Recessed with Care222® technology reduces active pathogens* on non-porous surfaces and in the air using Ushio Care222® far-UVC disinfection** technology. SLOT 6 features a mercury-free far-UVC excimer lamp that contains a patented short pass filter for narrow band 222nm emission. This removes wavelengths that penetrate the living tissue in skin or deeper than the top layer of the cornea.

Featured Product: Metalux Cruze Selectable (CZS)

The Cruze™ Selectable troffer offers selectable lumen output and color temperature with a simple, easy to access toggle switch. The latch-less design, matte white paint and multiple lens options deliver architectural appeal and specification rich features. This troffer is constructed with Cooper Lighting's latest selectable technology platform and delivers unprecedented design flexibility, energy savings, visual comfort, and aesthetics at an incredible value.