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University of Texas Medical Branch Case Study

Cooper Lighting Solutions LED lighting, WaveLinx Pro Wireless, and Greengate Room Controller systems improve occupant experience while reducing energy usage at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Signify introduces Philips LED’s first most energy-efficient A-class bulbs

  • New Philips LED A-class bulbs consume 60% less energy compared to standard Philips LED bulbs and have a longer lifespan
  • Provides consumers with a smart investment for the planet and their purse
  • Philips LED’s new and improved regular A-shape bulbs will be available starting September 1, 2021

Spatially Adaptive Tunable Lighting Addresses Indoor Illumination Challenges

An automatic, beam-steerable lighting control system provides an intelligent, autonomous solution for estimating room occupants’ ideal illumination profiles and “sculpts” the light accordingly without wasting light where it isn’t needed.

Kurtzon Evaluates Why Hospital Light Fixtures Are Not “One-Size-Fits-All”

Hospitals are a myriad of rooms, many of which serve distinct purposes and have variable lighting requirements. Patient rooms, emergency rooms, surgical rooms, and MRI suites depend on high-quality LED lighting designed to particular criteria to meet varied requirements and needs.

Beautiful Light by Whitehead and Lemon Released by Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

Beautiful Light: An Insider’s Guide to LED Lighting for Homes and Gardens connects LED lighting technology with the tents of good residential lighting design.