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Lighting and Behavior and Health: Separating Fact from Myth

In this week’s featured episode of NAILD’s Get a Grip on Lighting podcast, Dr. Jennifer Veitch talks about what we know about lighting’s effect on human health.

Starving for Darkness

The human-centric focus on the impact of artificial light has overshadowed its effects on animals and plants.

Horticultural Lighting: The Potential of LEDs

LEDs promise the usual energy savings and longevity benefits as well as the ability to produce spectral light recipes ideal for healthy plant production.

5 Lighting Leaders Share Vision of Industry’s Future

Attendees of the 2nd Trends in Lighting conference ask big questions about humancentric lighting, new performance requirements, and the role of digitalization.

Custom LED lighting scheme for UK Crossrail project

The primary lighting in new London-area Crossrail stations will rely on custom, high-output, uplight SSL fixtures that indirectly illuminate the space via reflective surfaces on walls and ceilings, creating a sense of spaciousness.