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Luxxbox to Preview Innovative Product Releases at LEDucation 2024

Tradeshows & Awards | March 14, 2024 | The Lighting Exchange


Petaluma, CA — March 19-20, 2024 — Luxxbox, a leading international designer of acoustic and flexible solutions, is set to present its latest product releases at the upcoming LEDucation event on March 19-20. Luxxbox will exhibit a diverse range of soon-to-be-released acoustic lighting fixtures such as illi Bon, Sierra, Stalik, and Kurtain, at Booth 423 in the Exhibit Hall of the New York Hilton Midtown. Key details about these upcoming products are provided below:


illi Bon – Designed as a smaller companion to the illi, illi Bon shines as an elegant yet effective acoustic and lighting solution. This mini pendant boasts a captivating array of soft PET outer gills, offering powerful sound absorption and direct illumination in a compact form, and packs a punch in both function and style. This companion product is slated to be released soon after LEDucation.


Sierra – Launching soon after LEDucation, this stunning fixture seamlessly blends contemporary design with exceptional noise absorption. The Sierra's sleek cone form, crafted from recycled PET material, makes a bold statement while effectively absorbing sound waves. Sierra's high-performance dimmable LED light source (Direct) with a glass diffuser provides ample lumens while remaining energy-efficient. 


Stalik – This elongated cylindrical fixture offers illumination and exceptional sound absorption. With its impressive modularity, Stalik’s playful linear formations and captivating radial arrangements create stunning visual centerpieces that seamlessly sculpt both sound and light. Available in three distinct heights and an extensive array of 77 stunning wool color options, Stalik easily adapts to various spaces and design schemes.


Kurtain – Inspired by the graceful flow of drapery, Kurtain offers a soft, flowing wave effect that gently absorbs ambient noise. Crafted from luxurious Camira Blazer wool, Kurtain adds a touch of sophistication and warmth to a variety of settings. Beneath the stunning lampshade, a high-performance, dimmable circular edge-lit LED panel offers exceptional lumen output. For added versatility, Casambi Bluetooth dimming, POE, and tunable white lighting are also available upon request.


Luxxbox’s acoustic lighting solutions have helped architects and designers illuminate interior spaces while eliminating noise that’s both efficient and cost-effective. The company’s versatile fixtures have been applied to hospitality, retail, education, office, and high-end residential settings around the world. Recently, the brand has expanded production facilities in California to better serve United States clientele. For more information about Luxxbox’s impressive products and how to better design for optimal acoustics in open spaces, visit


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