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Vision Engineering Launches a Lighting Innovation: VHB3, An Ultra-Low Glare High Bay

Palmdale, California, February 14, 2020 -- Vision Engineering, a U.S. manufacturer of LED light fixtures, launched the VHB3, an extremely low-glare High Bay fixture line. The all-aluminum fixtures are being introduced on the same day that Design Lights Consortium (DLC) releases new V5.1 Technical Requirements for DLC Premium. DLC’s new V5.1 Technical Requirements introduce visual comfort and light quality standards for the first time in the history of the organization.  

VHB3 Project Video: https://vimeo.com/390034777

Vision Engineering’s VHB3 High Bay Fixtures achieve an extremely low Unified Glare Rating (UGR).  The VHB3’s ultra-low UGR gives it a highly valued, competitive advantage in the over-saturated High Bay category.  To receive DLC 5.0 Premium certification, High Bay fixtures will now need to deliver less than a 28 Unified Glare Rating. “The four lumen packages of the VHB3 family of High Bay fixtures are all below a 20 UGR,” said John Woodman, VP of Sales at Vision Engineering.  “Our extremely low UGR is achieved using our patented Coined Optic reflector, which was developed by the owner of Vision Engineering, Henry Avila.”

All four VHB3 lumen packages meet DLC Premium technical requirements.  “We are very pleased that DLC has introduced visual comfort standards for High Bay fixtures,” said Henry Avila, CEO of Vision Engineering.  “Glare has been an issue for far too long in High Bay lighting, and the DLC has taken a bold and important step by introducing light quality metrics along with efficacy standards.” 

Joseph Avila, Vision Engineering’s Chief Technology Officer, noted that the VHB3 is available up to 50,000 lumens with a UGR of 18.1, and that two of the lumen packages are also offered as tunable white solutions. These configurations make them ideal for convention/event centers, gymnasiums, and other multi-purpose facilities looking for a flexible correlated color temperature (CCT).  “Vision integrates Avi-on Labs’ Bluetooth® fully networked controls system directly into the VHB3 High Bay fixture. The turnkey solution allows end-users to adjust between 3,500 Kelvin and 5,000 Kelvin with a customizable wall scene controller or an easy-to-use mobile app.  No gateways or network infrastructure are required, even for multi-thousand fixture projects.” 

“We are very excited to be working with Vision Engineering. The VHB3 offers cutting edge technology with their Coined Optic Reflector.  There is a growing demand for fixtures with exceptional visual comfort combined with controls that are easy to commission and use,” said Eric Miller, CEO of Avi-on Labs, Inc. “A High Bay fixture that produces virtually no visible glare, plus an intuitive mobile app that allows customers to flexibly group, dim, and adjust networked motion sensors, and easily set and control lighting scenes, is a match made in heaven for customers.”  Woodman added, “This powerful combination is being very well-received by lighting engineers, building owners and facility managers.” 

Vision Engineering is in the process of developing a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) that will focus on DLC’s new technical requirements and broadly cover the new Unified Glare Rating. Once the CEU is certified by the American Institute of Architects, lighting professionals will be able coordinate with Vision’s 52 Representative Agents throughout the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada to learn about the technical requirements and apply the UGR to their lighting designs and specifications.


About Vision Engineering

Vision Engineering is a leading LED fixture manufacturer that has produced innovative products, focused on visual comfort and energy efficiency, for over 20 years. The company employs over 100 people at its Palmdale, California factory.  Vision Engineering’s fixture portfolio includes specification-grade Troffers, High Bays, Wall Packs, and Cooler Door Lights for the Food Retail industry. www.visionengineering.com 

About Avi-on Labs, Inc.

Avi-on Bluetooth® Lighting Controls are purpose-built for large scale office and industrial retrofit lighting projects, including those needing advanced networked controls and energy monitoring to qualify for the highest level of utility incentives and rebates. With over 250,000 devices in the field as long as 6 years,  Avi-on’s patented Bluetooth® Lighting Control platform combines the perfect mix of simple, reliable devices, enterprise-grade remote management, a full Web API, and easy setup with any smart phone or tablet. No gateways or panels are required, even for multi thousand fixture installations. Avi-on supports a wide array of lighting applications including warehouse, office, manufacturing, school, outdoor, medical, and horticulture.  www.avi-on.com

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