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Lumetta Proudly Announces our new Partnership with Sutherland Felt Co.

“We’re pleased to introduce our new partnership with Sutherland Felt Co., whose philosophies and values closely match our own. Two companies working together to become a stronger partner for our dealers and customers.” 

- Bill Prichett, President, Lumetta, Inc.

Lumettta and Sutherland Felt Co. have entered into a strategic alliance. We’ve combined Lumetta’s expertise in bringing extraordinary design vision to life utilizing our signature Lumenate® custom decorative lighting with Sutherland Felt Co.’s world renown supremacy in industrial wool, polyester, architectural, and custom-dyed felts.

By leveraging both company’s specialties, we are able to provide a highly differentiated value proposition to benefit our customers. Uniting Sutherland Felt Co.’s cutting-edge solutions with Lumetta’s architectural design expertise and multi-vendor marketplace, brings infinite possibilities and scalability.

The partnership of the two visionary companies means we will be able to offer the Linear Acoustic “LA” brand featuring Sutherland Felt Co.’s sound dampening acoustic felt. This dynamic product will be offered exclusively from Lumetta through our North American representatives.

“Our new relationship is based on the natural synergies between the two organizations sharing common goals and values. We look forward to the development of this new relationship, and pursuing the vast opportunities it will create to strengthen our joint offering.” Tom Shoan, President, Sutherland Felt Co.

Introducing Lumetta's Linear Acoustic Series
A functional design providing significant light output and effective sound absorption. Various sizes of rectangular luminaires create clusters and arrays for optimal acoustic comfort. Aluminum frames are surrounded with 9mm PET designer board felt and are available in all of our powder coat finishes including F13 Polo, F14 Sandstone, F15 Galaxy, and F16 Cyan.

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More about Lumetta's Capabilities
Lumetta is one of the country’s most innovative manufacturers of decorative commercial luminaires. Through vision, innovation, creativity, and collaboration, we can modify any of our products or customize to bring your design vision to life.

We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach and fabricate each fixture from scratch. All our products can easily be altered in design, scale, light source, and diffuser effects to create a custom look. Since 1992 we have used modern manufacturing practices to create a dynamic line of luminaires.

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More About Sutherland Felt Co.'s Capabilties
Felt is an excellent material for architectural applications. Sutherland Felt is the nation’s leader in supplying architects, contractors, and designers with industrial wool or custom dyed felt. Wool felt’s sound deadening, acoustical dampening, and aesthetic properties make it an excellent source for architectural applications. Our 100% grey and/or custom dyed felt wool felt has been used in major HQ installations as ceiling and wall covers. Many types of felt can be used for these types of applications but wool felt is most prevalent. Because our felt is 100% natural, it is used in many LEED certified projects.

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