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Kurtzon's LED Cleanroom and Medical Downlight Now offered with narrow-spectrum Color LEDs

Trust KURTZON to provide medical and cleanroom LED lighting to improve medical research and patient outcomes. Our KL and ML series downlights are now available with narrow-spectrum color LEDs to support these critical endeavors.

Suitable for areas that value sanitation, such as cleanroom and containment applications, the KL-series downlight now features 660 nm Red LEDs and 590 nm Amber LEDs.

The ML-series downlight is available in 540 nm Green, matching the color LED options on Kurtzon's specialized surgical troffers.

Each luminaire can switch between white and narrow-spectrum light. All are IP65 rated, offer a 5/10 year warranty and made in the USA by a family-owned company.

Click to learn more about Kurtzon's redamber, and green downlights!
Red URL- https://www.kurtzon.com/products/kl-sbd-led-red/
Amber URL - https://www.kurtzon.com/products/kl-sbd-led-amber/
Green URL - https://www.kurtzon.com/products/ml-sbd-led-green/

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