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Lumetta Lighting Installation at UMass Lowell Cafe

The UMASS Lowell campus was designed to reflect the rich textile and industrial heritage of the surrounding city. The color scheme and materials used for the building’s interior are tied to the building’s exterior and features warm hues and textures reminiscent of brick and wood. The design pays tribute to the storied Lawrence Mills and historic warehouses that lay within the adjacent city district.

The design firm ADD Inc., chose Lumetta’s Custom Streamline Surface Mount lighting with D12 Grain for this application. The lights were modified to be semi-recessed and accommodate the special ceiling. The fixtures also included LED lighting to provide a lower environmental footprint. When integrated into the café, Lumetta’s lighting solution enhanced the building's use of Green features and sustainable design.

"UMass Lowell's commitment to innovation, modern design and its continued pursuit of excellence since 1894, allowed us to fuse both the past and the future when developing our designs," said B.K. Boley, Principal, ADD Inc.

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