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Introducing Lightruss LED Gen 2

From the company that revolutionized aquatic lighting, comes a breakthrough low-profile, true asymmetric indirect lighting system by SPI Lighting. Advancing on decades of experience, this next generation of Lightruss offers bigger lumen packages (up to 109,800 lumens) and better efficiency (127 lm/W) in a new streamlined design so discreet it's hard to tell where all the light is coming from. 

The best way to light natatoriums 

Lightruss LED Gen 2 is a unified, organized system for delivering indirect light. The new dual-rail design keeps modules flat, eliminating direct view of the light source. By reflecting light off the ceiling, it reduces glare, improving safety and comfort.

A true asymmetric 

Designed to light from the perimeter, Lightruss LED Gen 2 positions fixtures in a continuous system mounted over the deck, not the pool. A deep asymmetric optic directs light to the center of the room. The result? Brighter, more uniform lighting.

The cleanest visual package 

This system keeps ceilings clean and clutter-free by drastically reducing the number of power drops and stems. Power is dropped in typically one or two locations and run through pre-wired rails, expediting installation and lowering costs.

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