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TM-30 in 2018 and Beyond: Guidance for Improving Color Quality

TM-30 in 2018 and Beyond: Guidance for Improving Color Quality June 14th 12:00 PM EDT This presentation will cover updates to TM-30 (TM-30-18), and how ongoing research is providing knowledge that allows for improved color quality. It will discuss where TM-30 stands within the North American and international lighting communities, and demonstrate new features that may be added over time (feedback welcome!). In general, the emphasis will be on translating science into practice, with a focus on specification and highlights of new products being designed using TM-30. Participants to this webinar are eligible for one (1) IES Continuing Education Unit (CEU). 

SPEAKER: Michael Royer Michael Royer is a Senior Lighting Engineer at PNNL, where he focuses on the development of LED technology. His emphases are human factors experiments and developing new metrics and test methods, especially for color, glare, flicker, and long-term performance. Michael is a member of the IES Color Committee and Technical Procedures Committee, and is also active with the CIE. Prior to joining PNNL, Michael earned a Ph.D. in Architectural Engineering from Penn State University. Michael was named a future leader of lighting by LD+A magazine in 2010, and has authored over 50 journal articles and government reports, receiving the 2013 Taylor Technical Talent Award from the IES for his published work.

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