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Hubbell CEO, Dave Nord, Elected Chairman of NEMA Board

Hubbell CEO, Dave Nord, has been elected chairman of the NEMA board.  Per an Electrical Wholesaling article, “Nord said in the release that he believes that NEMA’s authority in the electrical manufacturing sector brings a positive influence on international business relationships,supply chains, and legislative and regulatory developments.

Future-Proofing Your Building’s Lighting

Our latest white paper -- The Business Case for Future-proofing Your Building’s Lighting – tackles that timely topic, and more. It lays out the rationale for truly optimizing the LED investment by using that moment in time to include additional features that can turbocharge the effectiveness of the overall Building Management System (BMS) infrastructure.

The Fast Track to a More Efficient Work Environment - Columbia Lighting

The Greenbriar Companies is an international supplier of equipment and services to the freight rail transportation markets. It designs, builds and markets freight railcars, tank cars, rail castings and marine barges and provides wheel services, parts, leasing, freight railcar repair, refurbishment and retrofitting services to the railroad and related transportation industries. Greenbrier owns a lease fleet of more than 9,000 railcars and performs management services for 268,000-plus railcars.

Interview with Nicola Kimm - Head of Sustainability, Environment, Health & Safety

Nicola Kimm has been instrumental in leading Philips Lighting to becoming one of the world’s most sustainable companies. As she spearheads the drive towards 2020 with our Brighter Lives, Better World campaign, she’s adamant about never losing sight of the fact that her work is inherently social – it’s about improving the lives of individuals and communities as well as preserving our environment so that we can all lead better lives. 

Value Engineering Helps Ohio DOT Save Millions on Lytle Tunnel Project

The selection of Kenall’s LuxTran LTSI luminaires reduced the total number of project fixtures required from 2,402 to 1,317, reducing the initial investment for ODOT and yet still meeting the Project Tunnel Lighting Criteria. Kenall VE Fixtures were standardized on just one type: a nominal 300W output, as opposed to the multiple output types included in the original design. Having fewer fixtures in service will also save millions of dollars in operating/energy/maintenance costs over the next decades of service.