LEX News

Caleb Harper’s TED talk

The Keynote Speaker for Lightfair 2019 discusses the exploration and development of high-performance urban agricultural systems. 


Architectural Lighting: 2019 Product Call Highlights

Selected from 171 submissions, these 21 products demonstrates advancements in LED performance and color control technology.

Farmers Increase Dairy Cow Milk Production Using LED Lighting

LUX recently published an article about how dairy farmers in the UK are using LED lighting regimes to optimize dairy cow hormones and thereby increase milk production.

San Diego broadly deploys cameras and sensors on LED street light poles

The city-wide deployment of intelligent connected sensor nodes on street light poles will make anonymized data available to local organizations as well as to city government.

Tec Studio Completes Exterior Lighting Renovation for the Greater Columbus Convention Center

A recent renovation of the exterior lighting by Ardra Zinkon, President, Tec Studio Inc., now casts the much-needed illumination along the façade of the GCCC and Arnold Plaza enabling tourists and residents of Columbus alike to enjoy the space, day and night.