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In a whole new light

Lighting fixtures that also transmit data are starting to appear, referred to as Li-Fi. This article provides a great overview of why this technology may be a great fit for hospitals, airplanes, and streetlamps.

Introducing LEED v4.1

The USGBC is introducing LEED v4.1, an incremental update to the LEED rating systems. Designed to be more inclusive and incorporate all of the lessons learned from LEED v4, LEED v4.1 delivers a bigger, stronger, and bolder solution for the green design of existing buildings, residential projects, and cities. 

Decoding IECC 2018

In 2017, the International Code Council published the 2018 version of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), which has been updated every three years since 2000. This 2018 version reduces lighting power allowances, broadens mandatory controls requirements, and issues clarifications.

2018 Lightfair Innovation Awards

Take a look at the award-winning products pushing the performance of lighting to the next level.

A Fresh Look at Office Lighting

Check out an article written by Craig DiLouie for the July issue of tED Magazine, the official publication of the NAED. In it, he explores the use of connected lighting and color tuning in the office space.