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EdisonReport’s Randy Reid on the DLC’s Draft 5.0 Performance Specs

The DLC’s latest specifications are focused on lighting quality, which is getting some pushback from manufacturers and utilities, says Randy Reid, editor of EdisonReport, who attended the recent DLC stakeholders meeting.

Target finally confirms that Acuity provides the IoT lighting

Four years after pioneering indoor positioning, and with the technology now installed across many of its 1845 stores, the retailer acknowledges its supplier. Is asset tracking next?

IoT Ready Alliance Folds Into Zhaga Consortium

Zhaga and the IoT Ready Alliance recently announced that they have agreed to align their efforts and to proceed as a single organization under the Zhaga Consortium. The objective is to foster a harmonized, global set of interface specifications for sensor-to-luminaire integration and to remove confusion in the industry.

Using Facebook for business—what to know in 2019

In 2018, Facebook dropped a bombshell for small businesses.

Survey: A Majority of Homeowners Have A Smart-Home Device

Use of voice-controlled assistant (e.g., Amazon Alexa, Google Home) topped the list at 35%, while 20% report using smart light bulbs.